My “Greenish” Thumb

So, you may be wondering where I have been since I haven’t posted in a while. Truthfully, part of that was because I got frustrated with trying to set up the layout of my blog, and the other reason is because I got my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday. So basically, I’ve been in quite a bit of pain and have been limited to the joys of mushy food, yay! All I’ve eaten really is ice cream, mashed potatoes, pudding, and the occasional mac and cheese or rice. Not too exciting. If you have any delicious soft food suggestions, PLEASE let me know!!

So today, I wanted to introduce you all to someone very special in my life right now: Roger. Who is Roger? Roger is my wonderful succulent, and I’m trying with all my might to keep him alive. My previous cactus, Jeff, had a tragic end. He beasically just flopped over and died. After Jeff’s death, I was pretty sure my future as a plant mother was doomed, but my photography teacher decided to take it upon himself and buy me a new baby to take care of.

I have been determined to take care of Roger, but as of yesterday, he wasn’t looking too happy in his little metal cup/thrown that I recieved him in. So, I found some of my mother’s potting soil and replanted him in one of my medicocre bowls I made in Freshman year potery. I also found this adorable glass spray bottle in the gardening cabinet that I will hopefully not over water him with! (I think Jeff might have been a little too watered when he died….)

Anyway, wish me, and more importantly Roger, luck on our journey together. He definetly needs to toughen up before the New England winter comes!

Do you have a succulent? Let me know in the comments how you take care of it and what it’s name is! (I love succulent names!! 🙂 )

– xo Emma