Baby, You’re a Firework

So a couple of days ago, I decided to go to my town’s firework display. Since I don’t have my own car yet, I had to endlessly beg my mother to drive me all day. She resisted because of how late they were starting, but gave in the end.

Why did I insist on going, you might ask? I LOVE fireworks. I think they are exciting, slightly intimidating, and absolutely GORGEOUS. One day, I want to have fireworks at my wedding… I didn’t mind that I went by myself either, that’s how much I enjoy them. I had last-minute meet up plans with a friend, but when they fell through, I wasn’t bothered because it gave me an even greater chance to focus on the show, and my pictures of it.

The atmosphere was great when I arrived, it was already dark, and a little chilly, so I wore my most cozy sweatshirt. There were tons of people there, including herds of small children whose bedtimes had expired long ago. There was a hot dog stand, a man selling glow sticks, and a big group of guys playing frisbee. They also had live music going from our resident “Dad Rock Band”, who honestly are pretty kick ass. I also saw lots of people from my grade, but in typical anxious Emma fashion, I avoided them at all costs.

I arrived just in time and grabbed a spot on the hill, where my camera would easily see over people’s heads in front of me. As I was fiddling with my camera, I noticed an adorable couple in my grade cuddling on a blanket at the bottom of the hill below me, ready to have a Pinterest worthy date watching the fireworks. I couldn’t help but be totally jealous of their situation. I’m a total romantic and have been waiting for the right guy for seemingly forever (even though I haven’t even been around for two decades yet haha).

Once the show started it was breathtaking and I totally zoned out, not working anymore if the awkwardness of being alone would be noticed and judged by the people I knew. I took some awesome photos on my camera that I can’t wait for you all to see.*

What’s an event or activity that let’s you completely relax and live in the moment? Leave me a comment to tell me about it 🙂 Enjoy the photos!!

–  xo Emma

*I used the Nikon D3200 for all of the photos